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orange turd to the track for the first time.

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Trying stuff out on the practice track, doesn't translate to the real track. I was pulling wheelies both days and couldn't cut better than a 2.17 60 ft on the real track. I know, my tires and set up sucked.. trust me, I heard all about it.

that being said, in the first round of the big v motor class, I raced donkey kong. There was timing light issues all day mostly due to the dust... but, my numbers were 60ft- 2.137 , mph 64.9 , et , 5.246 - he ran a 1.855 60ft and a 4.829... and I got him at the light... .206 vs .297... So you can see, my spinning/ peddling to get going cost me the race. Not to bad of a mph since I peddled it trying to get going off the line. Mahem 3/?action=view&current=HPIM4917.mp4

Later, in the unlimited V round, we raced again, I knew I couldn't leave on the bottle so I hit it after the 60ft mark.... numbers again, my mph 71.7 and et 4.807 vs him at no mph listed and 4.818.... he won.... the timers were acting up so no 60ft times were given but as you can see in the vid... again, I just spun...pretty sure he was cutting consistent 1.85 or so 60 time at around 66 mph...usually Mahem 3/?action=view&current=HPIM4922.mp4&

Rest of my vids are below. Mahem 3/

Like others have said, this was for sure a 4x4 track and the folks who ran front spikes got it done in the 60ft . The bom's wife killed it on her 4.2 passes... a 1.50 60 ft is insane... trapping 70mph in 4x4 is also nuts... Pretty sure the chucky bike was cutting 1.6's and running 4.6 and 4.7 on motor...
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good stuff, these twin motors are starting to strike my interest...
Yeah, hopefully I make it to a few tracks next year. Should turn some good numbers for sure assuming I don't cut a 2.2 60ft time again.
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cool videos how fast was the turbo renegade??
4.18 vs 4.24 on the outlander.
Thats pretty fast for a 4X4.....Fastest I have ever seen..
You and me both. The bom's wife pulled one of the best time slips I have ever seen.. 1.50 60ft, 4.24 et, at 70 mph... that is getting it done. I have no idea what the turbo renegade 60fted, but, its mph was 80 something.
Rich, looks like you had fun. Once dialed in you will get the et down a bunch. Is the track a lot different than us playing around at St Joe?
Down there the track is like going out in your yard and making a pass. It was in a field
Rich, looks like you had fun. Once dialed in you will get the et down a bunch. Is the track a lot different than us playing around at St Joe?

well , I can say I have never had that much trouble getting off the line at the park. And it is similair, but, with lights, no jumping unless someone is just sleeping on the lights. They ran a single stage light pro tree.... which, I hated.... but oh well. It was fun.
Just saw this thread for the first time...Damn that is some fast farm equipment.
I meant to wear my John Deer hat.
I have one for next time lol don't forget the bibs
Well, gonna be a few changes to the old orange turd. NO reason it shouldn't run a lot better in the a few months at the next one of these. I would say my big bike will be ready too, but, I doubt it will be in time for the April race.
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