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Here are pics of my old bike......going bigger next year.....
Motor: 350 Stock Cylinder Stock Stroke (no weld or triple ports)
1-5 Rudy Kurtz Override
38/36 Packard Lectrons
Vforce3 Reeds w Billet Intakes
Coolhead with 18cc Domes
Trued and Welded Stock Crank
K&N Style Filters

Chassis: Wyatt Kirt Drag Chassis
12" Extended Front
4" Extended Rear

Wheels and Tires: 12 Paddle Extremes on Douglas Blue Labels
18" Smooth Buffs on Douglas Blue Labels (SOLD NOW)


Motor: Same as Above (yes she used my motor lol)
Chassis: Stock Lightened J-Arm Chassis
House of Kolor Lite Teal Pearl
Wheels and Tires: Same as Above (yes im nice)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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