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QUOTE (Kawiking @ Nov 24 2008, 09:48 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=17221what size motor ? do u only run asphalt ?

Its a stock cylinder 4mill by JEFF at F.A.S.T. .40 over making it a 392 i believe. On ALKY with 39mm carbs Shearer in frames. Making right at 100hp on the rear wheels. Full drag port naturally.

Was set upf or sand but i'm going Asphalt . Just bought the new tires and wheels and put the sand stuff int he closet just in case i take a trip to the dunes.

It has override,crynoed tranny,lock out , fully welded crank, billet clutch compents etc etc. Going to a +10 or +12 swinger because right now it will keep the frontend off the ground a ft. or more until high gear.

Just added billet exhaust clamps, Lonestar front hubs ont he way this week and chrome ladder swinger on the way very very soon.
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