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has anyone seen or have one of these pingel speed shifters on their bike ?
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i have seen one but it wasnt working when the guy had it
post a link up rico. With an over ride you really dont need anything fancy, the bike will shift great! you will see soon!
seems like a wast of money to me.

i saw it in dirtwheels.. fig it would be more for the 4 strokes
I got a brand new one sitting in the box I never opened it up yet for a cr500 I was going to run it on an N02 and was told that it would blow the head pipe off , so I had a over ride tranny cut . dont you quad guys run override tranys?

o-yeah and its fricken expencive I think I paid like $690 for it
I use the air shifter it works about the same for half the price. The only draw back is having to fill the air tank after each pass. I converted mine to CO2 and got about 12 passes and probably could have gotten a couple more having to fill it.
Electric shifters have been around for a while now.

But all the big time drag bikers are still using air shifters.

Unless you are racing on the streets. Then go use the electric shifters.
Can someone school me on the air shifter. I've seen them and was wondering what is all involved?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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