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Stock frame.
Wickedatv -2+1 a-arms.
Wickedatv custom wheels.
HS Customs plus 10 swingarm.
HS Customs fiber glass body and paint
Fireball Racing custom billet axle.
710cc 20mm D/M motor.
White Knuckle Racing porting.
White Knuckle Racing drag pipes.
45 Lectons carbs.
1-5 cryo tranny with billet 2nd gear.
Packard 2:52 primary's.
Custom built steering stem made by Fireball Racing.
American Racer tires on the rear. 20.5/10/10GT
Wheelbase 62".
150 to 155hp.
Will run in the high 5's in the 1/8.
In the 1/4 high 9's.


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QUOTE (1700camaro @ Jun 1 2008, 02:54 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=1634Hey now, I didn't throw the first jab, but I did throw a punch back!
Thats one sweet bike.. good job on it.
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