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just need some help... they are tryin to close down one of our local tracks because the old lady next door dont like the noise.. fred(riddle track owner) is tryin to re-zone his property to have more races and less hassle but the lady next door is complaining.. i am posting this form for EVERYONE to fill out.. even if you havent been to riddle or dont even plan on comeing.. please still complete the form with a small letter showing your support for sand drags.. that would help aua out tremendiously!!

thanks MIKE

sorry its so big just tryin to make it easy for everyone to print!! if you have any problems printing the form please PM me or email me @ [email protected]

riddle is one of the best tracks in the country... thanks for your support!!

also there is a meeting dec 13 with a awesome arade and festival for lights after the meeting for anyone that would be interested in comeing and supporting the track let me know!!


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