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PUMA Rigid Build

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here is our new PUMA rigid build......McCoy powered, and chassis built by a buddy and I. not quite finished, but somewhat close.....

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My Avatar is actually my hill bike, another chassis we have, not the rigid. The rigid has not been out yet, still waiting on a few custom parts....
Here are some updated Pics. It is done, only thing im waiting on is the seat cover and plastic to be painted..

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The cranks in the Puma's are a little cheaper. Depending on how big the Puma motor is, guys have been modding there old pipes with a larger stinger, so you dont have to buy a pipe.... Really thats it, the cylinder kit is a little cheaper then saber as well. From what we have seen so far the 431cc Pumas are within 1-2 hp of the sabers.....In some cases more HP then the sabers....
QUOTE (matts @ Nov 20 2008, 08:23 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=16951Hey, have you weighed that thing yet?

weighs right at 200 lbs, should be about 215 with the bar....

We havent had mine on the dyno yet, SOON! lol Iv been soooo busy with work not alot of free time. Ya i want to see the one Bo Didly built, Nate said its pretty bad to the bone. Soon as that 363 puma is done and we test it, we may do one as well to run the 370 class...
I am not sure Joe if it will fit or not. There is extensive case work to make a Puma fit a trx bottom end, so im not sure on the CR??
Finally got my seat cover done, just waiting on the plastic to be painted and WALA, DONE! LOL The ole lady actully did the cover...

heres another seat cover she did for a buddy, came out really nice!

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1 - 8 of 36 Posts
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