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Purge Mixture

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Anyone tried Klotz uplon for purge mix for the meth bikes?

Uplon is the upper end lube that the 4 strokers sometimes use for cleans the corrosive meth out of the bikes.

I know Tedders uses it, anyone else?
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Dave moore doesnt purge.But I dont think its that big of a hassle to purge so I just do it and my builder says to purge so I do.

I just switched to the supertechinplate stuff.Used to run benol.But I purge at 32:1.Is it just me or does this stuff give you headaches?I got the worst headache from smelling it.
QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jun 9 2008, 11:48 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2275You uh..sure you don't want to consult with Nate first?

possitive...This bike is gone after this weekend anyways
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QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jun 9 2008, 02:13 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2302That's what my intelligence reports have concluded as well.....

lol huh?
QUOTE (okbeast @ Jun 9 2008, 03:41 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2309What he doesnt know is im buyin it and movin down to miami. gonna slap a +55 swinger on it and do some draggin

Funny...To bad its being traded.And Put a +55 swinarm on it and ill race you on my little cousins pink tricycle
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