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Raptor Trents time slips

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Just got home from Atoka test and tune and thought I would post a couple of time slips. Not too bad for a fat guy on a stock frame raptor.


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etCrap! I gotta learn how to post stuff. It ran a 4.11 et with a 1.55 sixty ft time at 78 mph and backed it up with a 4.12
Nice freakin job Trent.... 4.11 is smokin!
There were alot of pro II bikes (may be 40 or 50) and maybe 20 or 25 pro I bikes and about 6 cars. Not a great turnout but the weathere was horrible, 30 mph winds and coooold. I would not have even showed up but I had to find out if the new build was gonna hold up. I threw the chain off twice. The new lightweight swinger is comming back off. I think it is torquing to the side with the new 82 roll out rippers. Gotta get that fixed, it is very frustrating to keep throwing the chain off. When it stayed on it ran like heeeellllll.
congrats, that is rolling out.. is that a dirt track?
QUOTE (zmann @ Feb 28 2009, 09:56 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=32616congrats, that is rolling out.. is that a dirt track?

It's dirt/sand, I guess you could call it field sand? It's a slow track though, around 2 tenths slower than most?.........
Yeah, they call it a sand track but it is brown and real heavy. I have been 2 tenths faster on every other track that I have been on. I hope I get to make it to snakehunt and run on andys track, it is a fast motha
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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