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yo this is kyle wales i owned tha banshee that raptorjay is trying to sell and he scamed me on tha deal....on

planetsand he said he wanted a rolling drag chassie for his great running 727 craycraft raptor drag bike..... soo we

worked out a deal where he got the motor and tha nx express kit with it also for 1350.00 plus he paid for mine and

his bike to be shipped....he told me his bike runs very excellent reliable and was just rebuilt by bob craycraft him

self.. which bob did not rebuild this bike i talked to bob him self.. we made tha deal he would pay me half when they

picked my bike up and the other half when he got my bike since then he hasnt talked to me about gettin me my

money.....the raptor i got from him wouldnt start of the truck so we hooked a jump box to it and just the starter spun

over so i took it to a four wheeler mech. the one way bearing bolts were sheard off the switch on his rigged up wiring

harness that he told me after i got tha bike u have to wiggle tha wires to get it to start and when i did just tha fan

came on... also had to by a new cyliond... i got it cranked and rode it about 20 feet and relaized tha collant was

comeing out of tha head soo i brought it to craige at cp customs we made 2 dyno pulls and couldnt get tha bike to

start and it wasnt making tha power he said it would make it was also leaking from tha base gasket too....soo we

tighen some bolts up and went and got a new battery120.00 cylinod 65.00and put on there and cranked up fine put it on tha trailor

and went 30 mins away to ride and it wouldnt start again we heard a noise from under tha seat and it was the dyna

tek box it was melting and shooting liquid out of it.... so i had to also buy another cdi box50.00and wire harness 125.00 cause tha

one he had he cut all up.... i called him after tha dyno and he said he would pay for tha stuf that was wrong with the

bike because it was suppsoe to be a great running bike for my banshee...which he hasnt done.. soo after i get tha bike running i take it to

wiggins , ms to sandhill atv, i get there and im riding tha bike around havent made it to the track yet just testing tha

bike well i got to take off and when i got to shift in to 3rd the front arms broke in half and me and the bike started

flipping abunch of times and was seriously hurt....soo i put some stock a arms on tha bike 100.00and brought it to

craig toreplace tha head gasket and basegasket becaues it has been pressurizing the radiator and leaking out of the

head so i called bob craycraft and ordered two basegaskets and one head gasket 75.00

and cylinder when craige took it a part the bolts that hold the head to the cylinder the helicore were pulled out so now

i got to get a cylinder 105mm sleeve new studs rings and put back together by craige patterson from cp customs

thats another 1000.00...soo like i said i got scamed by this guy he told me he would pay for the stuff that was wrong

with the bike which he wont and still hasnt paid me the other half of the 1350.00..... soo if any one has any q's text

me at 225 571 3125 or call me twice in a row thanks yall and hopefully i was some help for yall.....

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