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To me there is no legitimate record keeping being done. The main reason is that some people make a miracle run and at Planetlamea$$ sand drags, you do not have to back them up. They also allow a record run ran at any track without even confirming if the track is a true 300ft. They also allow runs made during Test and Tune to count as well.

Sand Sport Magazine keeps records and I think they are legit because they have much stricter rules. To set a record the track must be an approved track. Also when you run a record time it MUST be during a race not during T&T. Qualifying runs to get into a class also count. Then once you run the record, you must back it up within 1% in the next run. I held the B/Pro bike record many times with my 350. Then since I kept getting beat again I decided to crush it by building a new bike just for this record and I did crush the current 4.17 record with a 3.84 new record. My time slips are in my profile gallery to show how I did it with two runs in a row within 1%. I held the record for almost 3 years but unfortunately I got into a serious accident and have not raced since it was broken in 11/05. I also had an article written about me which you can find in my profile gallery.

The SS records are not as important now because they only had two classes. B/Pro was engines up to 550cc and the A/Pro was unlimited. With so many bike above 550cc and very few that can run 3.1, there are not to many people pursuing them anymore.

In my opinion this website should set up a official record keeping system, with the same rules as SS had, approved tracks certified by Website representatives and requiring runs during races with back up runs. It is easy to run one fast time, but when you are in a race like a fast 8 race, where only 8 bikes race in three rounds with to qualifiers, making only 5 chances to try to set the record, it makes it much harder and a lot more respected.

If a moderator or administrator would like to create a record system, I would be glad to help as I can send you the SS rules and since I was a SS rep that could approve tracks, I could do that as well. Just send me a PM or email and I will be glad to help in any way I can because I think a good legit record system is a must in any drag racing sport.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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