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Screenname Definitions

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I started this on another thread just wondering what peoples screennames mean and why?

Kaos is for a worldwide car club i was affiliated with in highschool when i was into customs trucks and cars. Banshee is self explanatory. 44 is my favorite number so put all of them together you get KaosBanshee44
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Mine is BBIII

stands for my name.

Bobby Brice III

my son is the 4th.
badassbanshee.... well I think ya got that part. the 479 was my number when I was racing motocross back in the day. My friends and I got all the numbers to match on our bikes. they went from 478-482 or something like that. It looked cool when they where all lined up in the pits.
Fox- like the fox racing stuff and of course my gender..
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Mine has a couple meanings, its original intent and then the meaning that kind of fit, LOL

A lot of my friends, myself included, called some hopped up muscle cars "big boy chevys", etc. and I came up with "big boy banshee" for my screen name, but just scrunched it all together. I also just happened to be a big guy, that rides a banshee, so the name has two meanings
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mine is the initials of my name. James Turner and when i raced (whiplash desert race series out west) i rode a raptor 660. pretty simple i guess.
QUOTE (Blewbyu @ Nov 17 2008, 05:28 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=16444If you raced me you would understand mine.

I don't get it?????
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hell , i just had my kawi back in the the atvconnection days... so i just came up with kawiking.
morse last name and of course the best quad ever made honda 250r lol
originally I had 10 bikes or so i rode with non drag scene that all had the stickers I came up with the name we all lets just say weighed more then the other riders LOL there are actually a phatboyz1 and 2 handles on other sites but they never get on so....I had to keep the double meaning PHAT or Id get depressed and cry!!LMAO
Haha. Those are some good explanations of names there. Lol. Mine is pretty simple.

Doc - That's what the United States Marine Corps has decided to call their front-line Corpsman. Basically I am a battlefield medic, but for the Navy, so we are called Corpsmen.

J - Justin

C - Christopher

Watson - Watson
I used to like to jump the dunes.
i meant to type in the word "food" for my screen name.
QUOTE (hilarious @ Nov 18 2008, 11:45 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=16566i meant to type in the word "food" for my screen name.
Hahaha Now that's hilarious!
I am a 3rd party logistics broker and some times Lift Gates need to be used for pick up or delivery. I needed a name for a sreen name and pulled Lift Gate Gus out of my A$$.
...because I perplex and bewilder people.
I thought i was because you misstifyed me when we first meet and that is where you got your name from.

But i might be wrong again.
I drive a Titan and I like to do thee ole donkey punch and then "tighten up"
I guess It's pretty fitting.
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