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Show me the money slips

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First one is my best pass of the day...fresh track!!! Ran a lot of 4.3's...but this was the best.

And my friend and trusty Jockey Frank Pizzo...first and only pass on the bike all weekend.
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If I put it on him every time....he'd quit.... LOL.

He cuts a good tree...damn near every time, there's no denying that fact.
Damn that's a good reaction time
I think I just cleaned my office/desk at home. I had two slips from practice that were .0 something reaction times, back to back...I'll see if I can dig them up if I didn't throw them out.

ETs were within' hundredths of each other, too....
Dave just cause you can't beat me doesn't mean your not

i am just playin Dave can ride like a mofo.......everybody has off passes

he was nailin the trees(and the track food) at the ATV Bash and brought home some cash
Clicky 4 Dave Doing a little Dancin @ the ATV Bash
LOL...and that my friends, is right about the time I went to a strut in the rear with a wheelie bar.
You'd think 1500PSI in a rear marvin would be stiff enough...

Well...with enough track food in you...even that got a little soft...LOL.

Funny...the ride didn't feel that bad, but it sure as hell looked bad on video...thanks for the reminder...
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a couple more of my slips........

here i found one where i was sleepin a
was runnin high 4.2's low 4.3's all day then i leaned on the carbs and picked up at least a tenth. ran a 4.19, 4.18, and 4.16 in a row. i shoulda thrown Franky on it, i might have seen a 3.9999999

lmao @ Shawn beating me by 6 tenths!!!......that thing is a beast
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3.681 and he's still tuning on it/figuring it out.
That thing is a freak....
QUOTE (dajogejr @ Dec 15 2008, 01:49 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=207923.681 and he's still tuning on it/figuring it out.
That thing is a freak....
What size is that bike runnin 3.6's..?
Over 800 ccs...
I think it was a 24 mil stroke, and 80 some odd bore
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what size bikes are these brady and dajogejr? im guessing banshee's
daves was a 10 mill cub and I am pretty sure bradys was a stock stroke cub..... yeah they are banshees
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