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Show reply's to your post button

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Not 100% for sure what you are asking about??
I think he's saying have it like post everytime someone replies keep count of that...No clue either
lol... cmon bobby... thats ur job to figure it out. lol
My brain is smoking trying to figure it
dave , would have fig out by now.. lol
I looked, I don't see that option....
Unless you can tell me where to find it in the admin console for IP boards version 2.3.5??
checkin somethin

i wonder if he means e mail notification,, if so yes its on here take is there are certain forum software boards that allow you to click a button and it will take you to replies posted to a thread you're subscribed to. Normally, posting in a thread will subscribe you to it on forum software. Not all forum software though...
Dave is correct....

for example... I posted in this thread - If i log on later and dont feel like browsing the entire forum to see who replied to my questions or comment i would hit a "button" and it would pop up with every post that i have posted in with a new reply to it. so once i hit the "button" this thread would pop up saying

Show reply's to your post button - 7 new post - last post by Dajogejr Today, 04:31 AM
I don't see that option in the admin control panel AJ...
I'll dig deeper when I have a's clean up day at work and my area looks like Katrina hit it...
No worries dave. Just an idea! If it cant be done that is ok too
You can check to receive emails when someone responds, im sure you know this. It usually works, but alot of times i've checked the website before it's sent me the email.
the closes i can think of is to go down to the "todays active topics" in the board statistics section at the bottom of the page by the who's on line...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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