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Steph's 470

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Hi, I just signed up on the forum today. 450rguyslsd told me about it who heard from brady080 who I'm suppose to buy tires from tonight...Here's my 2007 Honda.

Hill Climb last weekend:

Here's us at WMSD last weekend

My first time's my times in 300'
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not a bad running R you got there.
nice bike
QUOTE (450rguyslsd @ May 16 2008, 08:56 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=374its a good running bike

Good job knocking off 3 tenths.

Just got the new tires on it...its sooo much better, thanks Brady!!! I bought new honda pattern rims so I gotta sell those Yamaha ones.

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nice bike.. do u run alot of compression on it ?
how long of swinger ??
looking good steph!
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