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test run the saber 510R

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82" R.O. 14 paddle extreme 17-38 gears 1st to 2nd launch.
just goofing around before heading to the dyno...
I know its a long video but I was solo so i took the camera and set it on the sand!
Let me just say that with 17-38 gears and 82 inch tires this bike is capable of 88mph in 4th gear at 9000RPM........OOOOO------YEAAAAAAA!!!!!!
View attachment atv_005.MOV

45mph in just first gear!!!!!!! @ 9000RPM!!!!!!
57mph in 2nd.......and no boggs!!!!!

Them fellas better get ready at sadplayzs place. I was running 16-43 gears up there. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

38mph in 1st at 9000RPM
73mph in 4th at 9000RPM
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QUOTE (turbo bobby @ Jul 9 2008, 11:35 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=4929Them fellas better get ready at sadplayzs place. I was running 16-43 gears up there. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

lol good deal bobby! i'll have to go back into mine to keep up with the game!
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Sweet Bobby that thing is going to take off into flight if you keep it
Dang Bobby that bikes gonna fly but we would expect no less from you .Good job
lookin good bobby, i think me, dad, and hatfield may come up and watch you dyno that bad boy
good hole shot bobby , the sabers seem to like a load on the engine. the higher you gear it ,the better it seams to run . thats why my saber runs so good, with my big butt on it . plenty of load for the motor to pull
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Heres another video we took friday afternoon before we rolled to atoka test-n-tune.
View attachment saber_at_whitefield_17_38_gears_with__slingshot_lockup_atv_001.MOV

BTW the dyno was a BIG disappointment
I installed the slingshot lockup and failed to set it up correct so the clutch slipped horrible. heres the dyno video. If you look at the computer screen in the background you will notice the RPM pops up, this is just before he nails the gas. Watch the RPM peg 9000 then back down to 8000 then go back to just over 9000. 55trq 87hp w/slipping clutch.
View attachment atv_006.MOV
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thats the way it works some time bobby '' but the numbers sound good with the clutch slipping that hard, did you get the clutch fixed before you went racing. if so how did it do
that thing looks like it hauls [censored] Bobby

can't wait to see it in person
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