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just wanted to start a port timng thread. felt we needed some new interesting info here.


different cc's and differnt fuels, pipes, pistons, timing and engine set ups all like different port timings.. OR maybe similar timings?

lately i have been playing with so called "drag" port timings on my banshee 350cc motor's AND so called "trail " pipes. t-5's, pro circuits, and fmf sst's my personal results have been very interesting..

the so called trail pipes have been responding excellent to these higher port timings and actually making the banshee more "fun" to ride and NOT just killing the motor and making it so "light switchy" that its impossible to ride.. BUT i am NOT making the inner ports so HUGE that they loose all their velocity....

BUT if i am using a 128* transfer and a 198* w 75% width what would happen if i went to a higher transfer , 130* but kept the high exhaust??


feel free to post results or weird timing numbers and how different carb, pipe, head combo's seemed to work..

i'd prefer to see diferent pipe, and carb 's tried with similar builds or similar builds with different timing combo's and how it related to power output?? maybe even dyno graphs to show "power shifts?"
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