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Theives In Tucson,Az Area

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Racers Edge was robbed sometime over the weekend, and 7 quads and a Rhino were stolen. Bikes were taken from shop at 5969 S. Belvedere Ave.(Benson Highway and Valencia). Please call with any info that anyone might have. Reward will be offered for the return of the quads. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, just need the quads and Rhino returned. Please call John, Bret or Morgan at 520-631-0797.

1- 2008 700 Rhino- Black in color, Wrinkle Black 4 seat cage with tweed top, XMF Fabrication +6 Long Travel suspension with Walker Evans shocks, Crow seat belts, stock wheels and tires.

2- Yamaha Banshee- Blue in color, Duncan Racing graphics, Paul Turner pipes, Works shocks, Lazer Star lights, Razor front tires, and Sand Skate rear paddles.

3- Yamaha 660 Raptor- Blue in color, all stock. Mohawks in front, and Sand Skate paddles in the rear.

4- Yamaha Banshee- Black in color, FullBore plastic, LoneStar suspension, Works shocks, all chrome and polished, black rings on wheels.

5- Yamaha Banshee- Black and Pink in color, chrome pipes, front Mohawks, and Haulers on the rear.

6- Yamaha Banshee- Blue in color, Works chrome front shocks, new Works rear shock, +8 swingarm, Shearer inframe pipes.

7- Honda 250R- Red in color, Leager chrome A-arms, PEP shocks, LSR axle, Black wheels, and tires, full MX race bike.

8- Honda 450R- Black in color, originally red plastic, painted black, black wheels, Fly Handlebars, +4 chrome swingarm, Rossier Pipe, no front brakes, no fan, FCR carb.

If anyone has ANY information please give them a call. If you can also keep an eye out on CraigsList and eBay it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
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problem is tuscon is very near mexico. probly some ****** is riding your bikes in tihijauna. best of luck finding your machines
any up dates ?
I Know this is a old post but is there any new news??? Just wondering if they caught the bastardds yet.
Hello Friend

I’ve been checking out this blog it’s been really helpful. I was not understanding what I was doing. But your blog helped me a lot. Thank you very much and all the best in future.
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