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Throttle cables?

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ok, why is it that most all the drag bikes I see, have braided clutch & brake lines...but plastic throttle cables? hell , even mine is like that..Is it because of the pull or what? maybe I just haven't seem enough of them.. say for 39+ carbs
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I have a braided throttle cable and braided rear brake cable . But thats only because I purchased a terry cable and lsr cable and thats the way they came!LOL
QUOTE (phatboyz @ Jun 24 2008, 04:18 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=3605I have a braided throttle cable and braided rear brake cable . But thats only because I purchased a terry cable and lsr cable and thats the way they came!LOL

This is what I needed to know. I wanted braided throttle cable, but it seems no one was reccommending them on 39 PWK's. so I thought maybe there was a problem with the pull on a braided, but it just didn't make sense... Thanks Phatboyz..
I think it's just personal preference. On the polished/chromed/blinged out bikes, you'll see them more to complete the package.

A standard throttle cable won't work with my carbs, I had to get one made by Packard...
I think for most of the keihins and mikunis stock throttle cables will work but that is not the case on the lectrons.
how many people run the terry cables ?
I have mine on 41s and they work fine,,if your running big carbs I dont think stock cables will work without alot of mod.If I didnt go with terry i would have bought a motion pro which arent braided
i got a terry cable with the 39 pwks i got from wes...
I use a stock cabel with my 40 lectrons. It's cutting it pritty close. I did have to modify the throtle housing alittle.
The 39mm PWK carbs require a cable with longer travel than the stock cable can provide. I use a braided Terry cable and have had no problems whatsoever with it. I also mod'd the stock thumb throttle to allow more travel on the thumb lever to ensure the carb slides retract fully at W.O.T.

I'm sure Motion Pro makes a similar version with the longer travel.

Just make sure your slides are opening fully and that the carbs are sync'd and you'll be ready to rock!
Im running into this problem now. I had a cable that was jerry rigged. I ran 35 Mikuni flat slides and they were fine. I now have 39 PWK's and the throttle cable is way to short. Which cables would be the best........

Part numbers is possible.

I want the a steel braided cable that will work perfect without having to modify anything...

Help Please...Must order ASAP

You should be able to use a stock banshee thumb throttle cable for TORS removed.
That's all I used for my PWK39s when I had them, no issues....
will that cable work on 41's to dave?
QUOTE (BBIII @ Mar 20 2009, 08:10 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=35147will that cable work on 41's to dave?
I use that cable on my 41 Mikunis,works fine.Part # is 01-0813 from MP.
Well i think i just have a stock cable but without the TORS
It should Bobby...I know Jeff @ Fast carries taller adjusters if needed...
Well i got my cable on and modded my throttle and i cannot for the life of me get the slides to go all the way open.

What cable do i need?

I have 41mm pwks.
just run it like that , bobby....

i had the taller adjusters on my carbs ... im goin from the terry cable to the cable brian posted above .....
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I used a cheapy motion pro cable and moose housing for 44 lectorns. With the stock throttle housing and motion pro cable it worked with 39pwk.
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