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Tie Rod Hits Shock

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I have metaltech -2 +3 1/2 drag arms i believe or +3 forward i can't remember but my tie rods hit the shock on both sides when i turn all the way. Does everybody have this problem with these arms?
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I have seen a couple sets of+3 forward arms do this, just something your gotta live with I guess
So how do you like these arms Kaos?
There alright i wish they would have not put the hiem joint at so much of an angle and the tie rod situation but other than that there nice!
My arms came with spacers that go inbetween the spindle and the steering arm that the tie rod goes in. You have to grind the welds off the bolts to back them out and put the spacers in. I would just call them up and get the spacers from metal tech.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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