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Took my banshee to the strip

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Took my sand bike to local drag strip it is a 4 mill stock cylinder on alky around 200pd rider stock frame and 8 over with 20 inch razors

I had a hell of a time with spinning as you can tell from the 60 ft times and I ran out of gear bet 60 to 70 foot befor the traps had a 17 41 with a 1-5 over ride are these times decent for a 4 mill stock cylinder? I know it has more with better tires and steeper gearing just wonder what most people get out of a stock cylinder setup

60ft- 1.944- 2.181

330- 5.124- 5.330

1/8- 7.762- 7.930

mph- 90.85- 91.41
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i race 300ft and that would prob be in the high 4's. Not bad for a mild build
Ron, that's a GREAT time considering the tires you had on it. Just by changing tires alone you would gain at least .3 in the 60ft, and that will translate to more than .3 at the 1/8th mile. Your MPH was down because there wasnt enough gear. You probably actually ran out of gear around 400-450ft. Even with a 19-38 gear we go into 5th around the 330 mark.

If you enjoyed running the asphlat, find a set of 20x8x10 american racers with the SD23 compound and gear it to either a 18-40 or 18-39 and go racing again. You'll probably be around the 7.00 mark at 95-97mph if the 60ft is there. Dont make a mistake and buy a 20x10x10, stick with the 20x8x10.
Thanks Bubba I liked it and it is only like 30 min from my house so I thank I will be seeing alot more track time

I will try that gearing and tires I know there is more left in it
I'll have to finish mine up and go with you next time. I never could get anybody to go this summer. Did your chain work?
Heck yea I am going to be going alot more man trying to find best deal on tires now LOL

Yea the chain was fine I thank I might be able to throw a 18 front and will be close
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