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trx250r motor in lt250r chassis??

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i have a spare 87 lt250r chassis and a trx250r motor. we want to make some serious hp with this motor however i need a chassis and the budget is only going to be enough for the motor. i plan on working on this through the winter and hopefully do some 300 ft. drags during the summer. i would like to do the dyno runs with the lt chassis as well as some races, just until we have the motor running good. then maybe next winter ill have a rigid chassis built. just wondering if anybody has ever tried anything like this. any tips or advice is appreciated. if you think im wasting my time with this project then tell me. be honest. im just tryin to utilize what i have at the moment. new truck payment is cutting into the racing budget. lol.
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I have put a couple other motors in the lt chassis, not a trx but I dont think it will be a problem. There is more room in an lt engine cradle than the trx, and the countershaft is pretty close.... Cowboy up!
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