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Ok, I will try to explain every as easy as possible. If you have questions please contact a staff member and they can help you.


this site has a couple options for Skins, Basically a skin is the shell of the website.

To access or change skins, look in the lower left hand corner of any page you are on.

You have a couple options in the drop down.

If you are ever having problems and need help from a staff member they will need to know what Skin you are using.

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create your posts as normal by clicking the reply button, type out what you want to say. then just click the browse button (see arrow in picture) find the picture you want to attach. then click the attach this file button..

now you should be able to see a tiny version (thumbnail) of that image, at the end of that row you will see a "add to post" button. click it and it will insert the image were the cursor is. If you have more than one image to upload repeat this process.

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The profile is a little harder to find now. So here is a screen shot that will help you out a bit.

"My Profile" is just a link to your profile.. haha

"settings" is were you can actually make changes.

"messenger" is where all your private message conversations are.

"manage friends" this is where you un-friend your buddy after he beats you in a race!

"manage Ignored" users. Yup if he really pisses you off you can ignore him.

"gallery" this is the link to your personal gallery. See gallery instructions below.

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Our gallery is like a photobucket account here at this site. You can create 2 albums, and upload as many pictures to those albums as you want. We also have your standard website albums that you can upload pictures to. Drag Quads(for our members bike images) and Drag Videos(for our members videos). Once you have uploaded your images or videos you will see links like you would at photobucket. These can be used for sharing your images and video at any site you would like.

Ok here we go...

first thing you need to learn is how to create an album (this is just a place for your images only).

Click the "gallery" button. see #1 in image

then click the category "members albums"(you need to click the words as they are the link) see #2 in image.

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now that your in the right place lets create your first album. Click the (new album) button on the right hand side. see image

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lets file this out..

#1 use a name that describes your album, maybe "Ziggys pics" or "My dune bikes"

#2 description of album. "my trip to the dunes" or "Ziggys album" of course you would use your name..

#3 check this box if you want others to see the pictures or you want to shre them at other sites.

#4 click this button and your done.

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Now the easy part..

so now you just need to click on the "New Image" button for pictures.

the rest is like uploading a picture at any site. you can use the bulk upload if you have allot of picture you want to get on quickly.

you can upload videos the same way but they go in the drag videos category. you can upload these file extensions. .mpg .mpeg .mov .avi .wmv upto 100megs.. if its large it will take alooonnnggg time to upload so be patient.

PM a staff member and they can help if you run into problems.
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