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UPS/FedEx Mailing Advice

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I just had this happen to me when you mail off something that you desperatly don't want to get broke let UPS or whoever package it up for you and make sure you put insurance. I didn't do that i thought i had my cases packaged up good and somehow they got broke on the top right stator cover and didn't give me my insurance money cause they didn't see any damage to the box. They also sent it back after inspection and got another 60 bucks out of me to send it back to my builder. So let them box it believe me!

Hopefully my builder can just weld it back and i can repolish the area but if not i know someone in town. It's just the fact of it being broke makes my stomach ache.
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I had that much metal on my cases above the sprocket I don't know what I'd do...I'd double take at my bike...

But...I understand.
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QUOTE (dajogejr @ Jul 20 2008, 05:31 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=5877I had that much metal on my cases above the sprocket I don't know what I'd do...I'd double take at my bike...

But...I understand.

I've never ran into any problems w/ Fed-Ex, but UPS always deliver packages to my same house number on a street on the other side of town ... it seems to me they need to give some of the idiots a Garmin or something ...... lol
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that sucks!!!!!!!!!!! I would be [censored]ed!!!
Next time try shipping it in a tupperware container. They are hard plastic and give you plenty of area to stuff packing around it. I haven't had a broken motor when shipping with this method, but have had 2 broken motors via UPS when shipped inside a cardboard box.
I use a cube igloo cooler.
They work the best.
They are padded and they have rollers so the UPS guys do not throw it arouond.
We get lots of engines shipped to us and the only way to get them here safe is a cooler. I wont ship any engines in anything but a cooler.
Kiel built a hella nice wooden crate to send his motor to me.

You surely didn't ship this in a cardboard box did you??
put what you want to ship in a plastic container put a small trash bag between it and the container sides fill the trash bag with spray foam it doesnt take much and i promise it will get there in perfect shape and the bag keeps it from sticking to the part
Thats not a bad idea with the foam.
I like the cooler idea! then you can send your builder or who ever buys your stuff a case of beer and it will stay cold. lol! little bit of a motivater
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