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Where is the breaking point?

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I got a Shee with a 4 mill cub motor. I just got the motor done this winter and had been ridding it on a + 6 swinger, looking at the sky all day long. When I came back from Memorial day I found that my +6 is cracked in numerous spots. I am having a +8 built for it now. This is just a play bike not a full on drag. I have heard that +8 is to long to be a fun bike to ride down in tree shots. The question is how long is to long when just wanting to have a good all around bike. The +8 is almost done so my bed is made but I just wanted to get a feel of what others thought.
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I'll be goin w/ the 421 and +6 soon, hope i got enough body english to keep it down
my buddy runs a +6 on his +10 mil.. iits a pay in the a#$ .... its fun but u cant use the motor for what its built for ... u get on the gas..then u have to let off all the time... its hell of fun to ride.but it makes u work to much...
you can have your swingers gusseted and they will hold!
In my opinion, anything longer than a +6 is going to make it hard to maneuver. I probably would have stuck with a 6 if I were in your situation.
My duner is a 7 mil stock cyl on gas that makes low 90's. I run a 6 because it is fun to ride... real hard to launch in a drag race, but its a duner. A good 4 mil cub on gas is going to make another 10hp.... should be REAL fun to ride, but even harder to launch. so a 8 should put you pretty much the same. I weigh 265lbs tho, so if you are lighter it will lift less because the rider weight transfers to the rear tires as a fulcrom. Another option is the tires, I run 10 buffs. with 9 non buffs I can't even get the front end to come up at all.
On my 4 mil cub with gas and cleaned up only was in the 90s. It was fun to ride, +6 with 10 paddle haulers, not extremes.
Tires spun alot...and it would wheelie on command all day long. +8 might be a little tough to manuver...

You could always add gear or adjust air pressure to calm the bite, the problem is the HIT on the motor...from nothing to RIGHT NOW!!!
i duned a 350cc alky with a +8 on it it was hard to wheelie a lot BUT in the tree shooters as long as the turns were not really tight it was a blast. it never really lifted up even on the steepest grade. but was just kinda crappy wheen i wanted to wheelie around... try less paddles it will be better on the 6 over.. i had 11 extreme's on my 485 pv motor on a +6 waYYYYY too much power for a dunner/ dragger i couldnt launch it for [censored]t.. buit man those override shiftin wheelies in between the dunes was FUN!
I've got a +8 on my 421 and it's a handful. At times it'll stay on the wheelie bar for about 200 ft before letting the front wheels down. With no bar, I had to sit on the tank and lower the rear down to the ground to launch comfortably. This was with 15 pdl extremes..I doubt you'd be running those on a duner though. Just giving my experience.
Who said a +8 is hard to do tree shots with??

The Mullet on his Patriot 480 Cheetah...

He hooked around the trees in the bottom...
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The way it will be set up is 14/44 gearing 22's 10 paddle super lites. From reading what everyone has wrote it will still pull the wheels off the ground and I will be able to dune it around just need to be a little more creative.
The whole light switch with the cub motors is so true. It is either in the power or not and with the +6 I was clutching the hell out of that thing to make it up hills I used to be able to roll in and out of the throttle no problem with the old 350. I think its just a matter of getting more comfortable with the power.
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