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wife not allowed to drive my truck anymore !!!!

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well my wife and sister went to go to town in my truck... wifey was talkin to my sister , instead of watchin my sisters driveway..

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oops!!! damn hate it when that happens!!!
Damn Rico that sucks Bro.

Did you have to have it towed out or what?
yep.. bro in law has a mech shop... but the winch on the tow truck shorted out... so he got his chev blazer and pulled it out...
got lucky.. the front tire was about 2 inches from comin off the last tie, if it would have and the back tire came over the top tie, i m pretty sure it would have rolled down the hill, atleast rolled on its top....
Damn, did you tell her she owes you a blow job 2 times a day?
Glad you got it off the ties ok Rico.
ouch,my ex did the same damn thing on railroad ties but it was in my camaro!
nope... ended up not messin up anything.. lol
my bro in law still thinks its funny....
I would have been mad as hell!!
i was stupid mad !! but hell , i let her drive it today... lol. thats because she goin to be buyin me a car soon .. lol
Lol....must be nice, what you gettin?
im lookin for a 98' --- 2001 camaro or trans am...... project car... something to play with i want the ls1.
i wanted a ss camaro, but after talkin at dave I and carolina shaker... the 98's and above are almost the same motor...
put some new fog lights in the grill today . have some halo fog lamps on the way to replace the stockers

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Press the "Blondstar" button. OMG Rico I'm just glad you took pictures so someday you can use them against her. LOL

Here try it.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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